Terms and Conditions

Posted: 1 year ago


All users registered in the system are allowed to show their skills and create tasks for other users.


Tasks are created by users who is looking for somebody to do their tasks.

Negotiation about prices is out of our control. Users are able to negotiate by themselves this process, changing with contacts, etc.


Skills are showing some qualifications of the users. User need to have 1 skill at least to apply to the task.


When you apply to the task you send your application to the task creator. You need to apply with one of your skills.

It is starting point to start negotiation process, changing contacts, etc.


Every user may leave a feedback on the skill that other user has and completed task. Feedback are allowed only inside approved applications. It is only 1 feedback for user who created the task and 1 feedback for user who did the task.

Feedback helps the task creator to choose the right candidate.

Feedback is visible under to all users under users' profile, skill's page and task's page.

Search & Subscription

Every user may have saved search as a subscription. User doesn't need to visit the service every day.

User can subscribe to search results. Service is sending an email once per day the with the list of new tasks that was recently created for each user with saved searches.


If you have any questions regarding this Terms & Conditions, please contact us through our contact form!

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Task & Skill Team

Last updated: 19 Jun 2020