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Task & Skill Logos for Facebook posts

Hi! If your are a designer and come here on Task & Skill from facebook or instagram advert than probably you might see our ugly facebook logos! We want to change it, make it more attractive. We need several logos for advertising. Remote work for designers, developers, language teachers, translators,...

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1 year ago
Design Landing pages for Task and Skill web site

Hi! We need to design 2 landing pages for Task And Skill web site. The first one for freelancers. The second one for person who is looking for freelancer. The last one for both explaining the concept of this web site. The concept is easy: Person A has skill Person...

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1 year ago
Correct some pages on Task & Skill web site

Hi! We need native English speaker who can make some pages on Task & Skill web site more native. Links & texts will be provided for chosen applicant. Please, send your application and price.

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1 year ago
Design logos for Task & Skill web site

We need a logo for Task & Skill web site. The concept is easy - somebody have skills, somebody have tasks to do. We help to find those people each other. Can you visualise this concept in logos? If you want to apply, please, create a skill with examples of...

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1 year ago