Promotional photo - Connect the lion and man

You must create an advertising photo. Connect the lion and man.

Photo -

You need to do something like a centaur. When the shoulders and head of a man, in all that is below the lion.

At the same time, the lion must be dressed in a strict suit, where it should be clear from the pose and protruding paws that it is LEO.

That is, the lion is supposed to remain in the same position, but in a suit and with the shoulders of a person and the head of a person.

We need all this for advertising that sounds like this - "I am the toughest negotiator", These will be billboards and advertising in social networks.

As a result, the quality should be excellent, it is also necessary to apply a filter, make the Hollywood standard, so to speak -


Please, apply with your price and some examples of your work.

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