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Test Mobile Application

QAProvider company offers to participate in the iTake beta testing. Want to join beta testing? 1) Register at 2) Run a test drive (this iPhone project requires iOS version 11.0 or higher) 3) Give the project workaround

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Max QAProvider Max QAProvider
Barbershop Landing

Need to draw a landing page for a barber shop, payment is negotiable.

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Logo for Barbershop

Draw a logo for a barbershop. Preferably in Photoshop.

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3D Model + animation

1. Create a 3d model of an octopus (in high-tech style), with textures. 2. Animation: breeding tentacles in different directions Waiting for offers with the prices.

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Pavel Pavel
Make a landing on Tilda for a dance school

The main purpose of the landing is to attract new students through advertising + the availability of a schedule, which we can simply change ourselves in the future. We need a stylish design that conveys the atmosphere of modern dances (there are many areas - hip-hop, afro, jazz funk, strip,...

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Aleah Aleah
Make a logo on the prototype

Design a stylish, modern logo based on the prototype. It is important that the words are read, you can offer your own version. Submission, shape and colors of your choice. 3 options minimum - a brand book, with one chosen option, without any complications, with a minimum component (font, black...

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Rocky Rocky
Draw logo in 3D

Hi! I need to draw the existing logo in 3D in stl format. Please, do not apply without examples of your work. Current logo:

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1 year ago by
Pavel Pavel
UI for a mobile application with a schedule of public transport

We need an interface for a cross-platform (iOS / Android) application (development is carried out on Xamarin.Forms), which contains a public transport schedule for one city. Several types of transport (now 5, in the future they can be added or removed), each of them has its own color, which should...

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Dustin Dustin
Instagram mask

You need to create a name mask for Instagram. I’m developing my Instagram account. The main theme of the profile is the creative creation of photos. The main objectives of this product: increase audience, entertainment base The mask will have to include a beauty effect with a certain background (I...

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Vector logo design

Design a cryptocurrency logo Name: Powercash or Power Cash or PowerCash Cartoon style logo One line on a white background (transparent) The quality of the picture and font is very high, ideally, the font should be developed from scratch, if you have the appropriate specialization. Provide source in vector Very...

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Knox Knox
Casino Logo Design - Competition

We need a logo design for Casin.Uno Preferred colors are pink, gold, black and white in gold. We trust your creativity and choose the best! It is also possible the winner will be ordered to develop further design

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Promotional photo - Connect the lion and man

You must create an advertising photo. Connect the lion and man. Photo - You need to do something like a centaur. When the shoulders and head of a man, in all that is below the lion. At the same time, the lion must be dressed in a strict suit,...

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