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Design banners and flyers

It is necessary to make a banner and design for printed products, gift flyer cards and so on. Be sure to apply with completed examples. Part of the work requires drawing.

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4 months ago by
Marlee Good Marlee Good
Corporate website design

It is necessary to create a corporate website design. About 12 pages. There is a prototype and content. Work with postpaid and test homepage. Please do not waste my and your time, respond if you have at least 2 years of experience in design. Do not write if you are...

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4 months ago by
Ariana Ariana
Preparation of advertising banner layouts

You need to mark up the image. Preparation of layouts of advertising banners (for buses).

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4 months ago by
Ariadne Ariadne
Animate 3D Model

There is a 3D model of the hero from cartoon, you need to make her dance. You can use presets from Mixamo - 3-4 pieces and loop. Fit to the music. Export result to mp4 clip against chromakey, quality 1280 * 720. It is advisable to do in Cinema 4d...

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4 months ago by
Jonah Jonah
Prepare presentation

We need to prepare a beautiful, professional presentation of a business plan with infographics, etc. Choose by portfolio.

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4 months ago by
Koda Koda
Task & Skill Logos for Facebook posts

Hi! If your are a designer and come here on Task & Skill from facebook or instagram advert than probably you might see our ugly facebook logos! We want to change it, make it more attractive. We need several logos for advertising. Remote work for designers, developers, language teachers, translators,...

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4 months ago by
T&S Admin
Design for detailing-studio website

Develop a high-quality design of detailing-studio All the details will be provided for a right candidate

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4 months ago by
I am looking for a designer for a freight transportation service

Required The desire to understand the business Defend your decisions Good to know Figma Love interface texts Be able to animate interfaces Mobile design experience Be able to transfer design to development and control the process Terms Full schedule Remote work Send a short story about yourself and answers to...

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4 months ago by
Darren Darren
Create a beautiful texture in high quality (4k) for the helmet

Geometry is already in fbx format. You need to smooth it a little to a neat state and make diffuse (by reference), normal, roughness, etc. cards. Quality should be in 4k. At the initial stage, you need to make a helmet. If all goes well, a similar order can be...

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4 months ago by
Janelle Janelle
Make an illustration for a postcard

An illustrator is required to design postcards. An approximate style attached, but I want a decent level.

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4 months ago by
Lydia Lydia
Website design

I need to develop a website design agency for the development of web-projects. We have logo, colors, wishlist. Home (Lend): - Welcome screen - Last works - Customers - Footer Projects Application Forms

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4 months ago by
Ace Ace
Illustration for background

It is required to draw in Photoshop for placement on a background in a cartoon style (Pixar cartoon style). Development and implementation proposals are welcome. Please send application with a couple of your works or attached skill with examples.

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4 months ago by
Gianni Gianni