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Create a picture to attract attention

Need a picture for the article. The topic of the article is the use of Data Science for a purely practical purpose. What you can start from - there is a sketchy illustration of expectations drawn by hand. But it should be done in something more user friendly, lead to...

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11 months ago by
Dylan Dylan
3d model

It is required to build a 3-d model from photographs.

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11 months ago by
Cohen Cohen
Website Design and Application for Food Delivery Service

We need to develop a corporate identity (logo, etc.), and then design a website and application (IOS, Android) for a charity project - an online aggregator and a delivery service for food and related products in Russia.

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11 months ago by
Amos Amos
Design for cryptocurrency exchange web site

This project is exclusively for developers and interface designers. It is necessary to carry out the design of a cryptocurrency exchange service, an example: Draw all pictures, icons, all variations and conditions of exchanges (plates, etc.), in general, all possible pages. Work to do in a figma or photoshop....

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11 months ago by
Prints design

We are looking for a designer to constantly develop prints on clothes and souvenir products (merch) for popular bloggers / streamers. Please indicate the price and term of print development, as well as examples of your work. The basis of the print may be the branding of the channel, the...

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11 months ago by
Rosa Rosa
Design for book cover

We are looking for a responsible designer who will always be in touch. You need to create THREE cover designs on the topic of business and MLM.

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11 months ago by
Come up with a street bike rental design

There are examples of an approximate style, there are ideas of what should be in it. It is required to create the design of the external premises, the area around the rental. 1. Planned exterior cladding in wood. 2. Glass door and window for entry. 3. Inside it is necessary...

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11 months ago by
Josiah Josiah
3d models of monuments

It is necessary to make 3D visualization of monuments in 3dsmax. Two renderings in a simple scene and the model itself.

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11 months ago by
Stephanie Stephanie
Cover for the channel "How about this, Elon Musk?"

Described: On the cover I want to see the Mask and his achievements. Example:

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1 year ago by
Romeo Romeo
Draw illustration for mobile application

Hi, all We are looking for a person who can draw cool illustrations for a mobile game. It will be necessary to draw characters, backgrounds (decorations), costumes for characters, hairstyles and additional items. For each series we will have about 5 static backgrounds, 5 characters and about 10 different hairstyles...

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1 year ago by
Brecken Brecken
Design for baby rugs

Hello, you need to create a design for children's rugs, 20 pictures (2 pieces each on one carpet on the one and the other side different prints) Required topics: plush bears, hand-drawn pets, fish, etc. It is possible to consider others directions (suggest an idea with a rough example) fresh...

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1 year ago by
Eleanor Eleanor
Put furniture on the photo (Photoshop + 3D)

I need to make a visualization of the bakery terrace in the photo. Add IKEA furniture models to the photo: - Tables with chairs - Flowers / plants in tall pots - Awnings over the windows - Change the text on the sign to "Bakery Studio" In total, 2 angles...

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1 year ago by
Henry McKnight