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Test Mobile Application

QAProvider company offers to participate in the iTake beta testing. Want to join beta testing? 1) Register at 2) Run a test drive (this iPhone project requires iOS version 11.0 or higher) 3) Give the project workaround

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10 months ago by
Max QAProvider Max QAProvider
Finalization of the site Vue.js / Laravel

Need to modify a highly loaded site on Vue.js / Laravel Only for experienced developers. All tasks are detailed in Trello. After familiarizing yourself with the experience and work of a potential performer, we provide access to the site and tasks. Important criteria are security and download speed. Only front-line...

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11 months ago by
Reese Reese
Develop a module on ASP.NET MVC / Sitefinity CMS

We are looking for a full-fledged developer of ASP.NET MVC and / or Sitefinity CMS. If you don’t know Sitefinity, but quickly learn and want / are ready to learn new technology, then we give the opportunity to learn during the project! Experience in the following areas is required: You...

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11 months ago by
Damien Damien
OpenCard - change layout of web site

Change the homepage of the site. Now there are category items on the main page in the form of a list, you need to put them in separate blocks. Add filter blocks to product pages. Make mobile layout.

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11 months ago by
Zayn Zayn
Check API for vulnerabilities - Penetration Test

Check API for vulnerabilities and report with recommendations on how to fix them. The application has 30 endpoints, 4 microservices. Price is negotiable

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Complete a web site on Wordpress

1. Put down title, description, H1-H3 pages 2. Update sitemap 3. Register with the webmaster

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11 months ago by
Elias Elias
DevOps required, problem with highload server

Hi! We have a problem with a highloaded server. Software: nginx, nodejs, postgresql. From nginx logs: upstream timed out (110: Connection timed out) while connecting to upstream, client Nginx is calling nodejs application there. If you have experience with software like that I can help please apply. I will give...

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11 months ago by
Max QAProvider Max QAProvider
Single page website for YouTube author - 500$

Need an expert to develop a creative one-page site. The site should scream and throw lightning, because author content is vibrant and eccentric. In advance, it is necessary to approve the focus of the design, under our original case. Requirements: 1) Single page on any platform 2) Block "top video"...

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11 months ago by
Kaison Kaison
Setup Teamcity > Octopus > IIS deployment

The task is to configure for two projects TeamCity> Octopus> IIS. The code will be taken from the BitBucket server. The setting will be for 2 projects. TeamCity -CI build -Production Build -Development Build Octopus -Production -Development And push to remote Tentacles with the substitution of the path in the...

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11 months ago by
Zeke Zeke
PHP code for importing Excel file into MySQL database

You need to import the data from Excel file to MySQL database. Expected result: Working PHP codeDatabase structureExplanation how it works

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11 months ago by
Christopher Christopher
Wordpress Developer

Requires a wordpress developer. I have completed design. Need to embed a design to wordpress and prepare the site to work.

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11 months ago by
Belle Belle
Create a primitive video stabilization application

Just a simple framework, as cheap as possible. Just to fulfill functionality, quality is not important. Provide a small description for the program, how it works and which function is responsible for.

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11 months ago by
Erik Erik